Property: Blue Moon Cheese Factory



Sources: Glass Plate photos owned by the Clark Co., Press, Clark Co., Wisconsin



Blue Moon Cheese Factory


We received the photo below which was extracted from glass plates. It was likely taken in the late 1930's and the only notation on it was "Blue Moon Cheese Factory". If you know where this factory was located, and/or the owners, or any history of it, please contact us.






Contact: Leon G. Konieczny
Date: Sunday, 27 February 2005, at 4:06 p.m.

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According to my father, the Blue Moon Cheese Factory was located in the city of Thorp, north of the railroad tracks and to the west. Its cheese won many awards at the county fairs about 20-30 years ago.





Property: Blue Moon Cheese Factory
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My name is David Hunter and I live in Key West, Fl. I found in the trash, a wooden box for Blue Moon Cheese. I then tracked this wed site. I lived in WI, Port Washington, for 10 years. My dad's twin brother, John Patrick Hunter was the editor of the Capitol Times in Madison for many years.


If someone wants this wooden box that would be of a sentimental value to anyone I would be more than glad to send it to them. Let me know.


Thank you

David Hunter 912 James St. Rear Key West FL 33040

Ph. 305 293 9499 As





I was cleaning out my garage and came across this old wood cheese box that says Manufactured by Blue Moon Foods  Thorp, Wis. Above this it says five pounds net wt.

Pasteurized Process cheese. It has a blue moon on each side of this. It's in really dirty shape. I would like to see it go to a family member, or the  right person, if they are interested.  Below is a scan of this box.

Jerry Litzel
Ames, Iowa 50014
515 292 8123