Property: York, Magadenz Cheese Factory
Contact: Helen Vater Blaha


Later Owners & Photos

Above is a photo from the Milt Ystad family collection. Milt's family basically resided in Beaver, Green Grove & Loyal Townships.

This photo was most likely taken at Hein, which was the name of post office and probably the locality near it located in Section 5 of the Town of York, Clark County, WI. The post office named Hein was discontinued in 1899 but the name probably carried on for some time. In section 5 of the Town of York I found that in the far northwest corner a 40 acre parcel was owned by H. Magadenz in the mid 1940's on a plat map. H. Magadenz also owned 80 acres a mile south of there at the same time in the northwest corner of Section 8 Town of York.

Thank you, to Kay Scholtz and Diane Kleinke for supplying the identification information for this photo.

Milt Ystad & Helen Vater Blaha