Property: Clark Co., WI Creameries & Cheese Factories - 1910




Surnames: Voigt, Eide, Lerch, Madel, Steinwand, Luethy, Sample, Burtard, Nechelke, Nachtwey, Becker, Gerlach, Peterson, Manning, Johnson, Preston, Rack, Kinkle, Seitz, Salzwedl, Kust, Schlinsog, Noah, Joss, Coyne, Heibel, Reed, Haack, Daughhette, Schwantes, Schoenfeld, Martin, Dallman, Meyer, Boardman, Leangemak, Schultze, Baldeschwiler, Sommer, Cammers, Meyers, Mandel, Jenks, Alberts, Koch





1910 Clark County, Wisconsin Cheese, Creamery and Skimming Factories


Cheese Factories


Cheese Factory Name Address Owner
Chili Chili C.A. Voigt
Riverside Chili, R.1 Harry Eide, Granton, R.1
Dill Creek Colby Peter Lerch
Mandel's Colby, R.2 E. Mandel
A.M. Steinwand Colby, R.2 A.M. Steinwand
J.F. Steinwand Colby, R.2 J.F. Steinwand
Columbia Columbia Columbia C & B Company
Curtiss, Comb. Curtiss A. Luethy
Green Grove Curtiss G.S. Sample
Sunflower Curtiss Curtiss Produce Co.
Cloverdale Dorchester, R. 2 John Burtard
Dorchester Dorchester, R. 1 E.J. Mechelke
Mayville, Comb. Dorchester, R. 2 Anton Nachtwey
Banner, Comb. Granton Harry Eide, Granton, R.1
Enterprise, Comb. Granton O.W. Becker
Gerlach Granton, R. 1 W.J. Gerlach
Granton, Comb. Granton Oscar Peterson
Sherwood Granton, R. 4 Sherwood Dairy Co.
South Grand Granton E.C. Manning
South York Granton Alfred Johnson
Star Granton, R. 3 C.F. Preston
Town Line Granton, R. 1 Louis Rach
York Granton E.H. Kinckle
Clark Co. Central Greenwood, R. 2 Clark Co. Central Cheese Company
Crystal, Comb. Greenwood, R. 1 Seitz Bros.
Easton Center Greenwood, R. 1 Eaton Center Cheese Co.
Globe Greenwood, R. 5 Globe Cheese Co.
Hemlock Greenwood, R. 4 Hugo F. Behringer
North Star Greenwood, R. 1 North Star Cheese Association
Peltzdorf Greenwood, R. 1 Seitz Bros.
Poplar Greenwood, R. 3 Carl Salzwedl
Schilling Greenwood, R. 3 Geo. Kust.
Warner Greenwood, R. 2 Warner Cheese Co.
West Side Greenwood, R. 2 Schlinsog & Noah
Woodside Greenwood, R. 3 Christ Joss, Loyal, R.1
Humbird Humbird Humbird Cheese Co.
Beaver Loyal, R. 1 Christ Joss, Loyal, R.1
Dodgeville Loyal J.H. Coyne
Christie Neillsville Fred Heibel
County Farm Neillsville Chas. E. Reed
Haack Neillsville, R. 4 Ferdinand Haack
Levis Neillsville Levis Cry. Co.
Neillsville, Comb. Neillsville Neillsville Dairy Co.
Pine Valley Neillsville J.B. Daughhette, Granton
Pleasant Ridge Neillsville Fred Schwantes
York Center Neillsville Emil M. Schoenfeld
Martin Spencer, R. 1 E.W. Martin
Martin, #2 Spencer, R. 1 E.W. Martin
Romeo Spencer, R. 1 John J. Dallman
Spokeville, Comb Spencer, R. 2 Gust Voigt
Cloverbelt Stanley, R. 2 Math. Meyer
Eidsvold Stanley, R. 2 Boardman Bros.
Hillside Stanley, R. 2 Theo. Schultze
West Worden Stanley, R. 2 West Worden Dairy Co.
Breezy Hill Thorp R. 3 Ed Leangemak
Central Worden Thorp R. 3 A. Baldeschwiler
Cloverbelt Thorp R. 3 W.H. Sommer
No. 1 Thorp         Thorp Dairy Co.
No. 2 Thorp R. 1 Thorp Dairy Co.
No. 3 Thorp R. 4 Thorp Dairy Co.
No. 4 Thorp R. 4 Thorp Dairy Co.
Reseburg Thorp R. 1 Reseburg Cheese & Butter Co.
Sommer's Thorp R. 1 Otto Sommer
Thorp, Comb. Thorp  Thorp Dairy Co.
White Clover Thorp R. 4 Ignacy Wojtkiewicz
Big Four, Comb. Unity, R. 1 W.J. Cammers
Cloverdale Unity, R. 1 E.C. Meyers
Madel's Unity, R. 1 David Mandel
Maple Grove Unity, R. 1 R. B. Meyers
Longwood Withee, R. 1 Longwood Dairy Co.
Oak Grove Withee, R. 1

Oak Grove Cooperative Cheese Co.




Creamery Name Address Owner
Curtiss, Comb. Curtiss A. Luethy
Mayville, Comb. Dorchester, R. 2 Anton Nachtwey
Banner, Comb. Granton Harry Eide
Enterprise, Comb. Granton O.W. Becker
Granton, Comb. Granton Oscar Peterson
Crystal, Comb. Greenwood, R. 1 Seitz Bros.
Farmer's Progressive Greenwood Farmers' Progressive Cry. Co.
Greenwood Greenwood Eau Claire Cry Co., Eau Claire
Humbird Humbird Humbird Cry. Co.
Loyal Loyal Arthur Jenks
Day Neillsville, R. 2 Day Cry. Co.
Globe Neillsville, R. 5 Clark County Butter Co.
Neillsville, Comb. Neillsville Neillsville Dairy Co.
Pine Valley Neillsville Pine Valley Butter Co.
Pleasant Ridge Neillsville, R. 1 Pleasant Ridge Cry. Co.
Shortville Neillsville, R. 1 Shortville Dairy Co.
Sydney Neillsville Pine Valley Butter Co.
Bright's Owen, R. 1 Bright's Estate
Cloverbelt Owen   A.H. Koch
Spokeville, Comb. Spencer, R. 2 Gust Voigt
Pozen Thorp, R. 4 A. Alberts
Thorp, Comb. Thorp    Thorp Dairy Co.
Big Four Comb. Unity, R. 1 W.J. Cammers
Withee Withee Geo. Peterson



Skimming Factories


Skimming Factory Name Address Owner
Catlin Loyal Arthur Jenks




Property: Clark Co., WI Creameries & Cheese Factories - 1900




Steinwand Cheese Co. (2) - Colby
Sommerfeldt Cheese Factory Fred Sommerfeldt - Colby

Louis Weller Cheese Factory - Colby
Louis Girel Cheese Factory - Colby
Jerry Daugherty - Thorp
H. Laabs - Curtiss
Enterprise Cheese Factory, G A. Hirsch - Lynn
Fred Somerfeldt - Colby
Arthur Water - Withee
Val Casper - Sullivan
Beaver Cheese Factory - Wm. Welsh - Loyal
Dorchester Cheese Co., H G Parge - Dorchester
Cheese Factory, M. A. Nacthwey - Dorchester
Pine Valley Cheese Factory, Frank Wirth - Neillsville
Aug. Schultz - Spencer
Frank Pritzel - Stanley
Otto Decker - Hemlock
Henry Jacobi - Abbotsford
S. R. Darla - Granton
Farmers' Cheese Co. - Dorchester
Distelhorst & Co. - .Dorchester
Delamater & Palms - Greenwood
Herman Laabs - Green Grove
S. D. Gibson Wilcox
Holtzhausen Cheese Factory - Reseburg
Joseph Frame - Unity

Jos. Frane - Unity
Brighton Cheese Factory - Unity
Wm. B. McPherson - Spencer

A. F. Barchardt Cheese Factory Spencer


Longwood Co-op. Creamery - Longwood
Clark Co. Butter Co. Mike Frock, Mgr., - Globe
Christie Creamery Co. Ross Paulson, Mgr., - Granton
Granton Creamery Ross Paulson, Mgr.. - Granton
H. B. J. Andrus Creamery - Neillsville
Pleasant Ridge Creamery W. G. Hyslop, Mgr.. - Blair
Chas. Schlinsog Creamery - Granton
Albert Alberta Creamery - Thorp
Skimming Station Geo. Bue. - Shortville
Loyal Creamery Jenks Bros.. - Loyal
Clark Cavita Butter Co. W. C. Thorns. Prest. - Neillsville
Christie Creamery Co W. K. Armitage, Prest. - Christie
Creamery Jerry Danhertz - Thorp
Pine Valley Creamery H. B. Andrews, Owner, - Neillsville
Pleasant Ridge Creamery Co. - Neillsville
Clark Co. Swimming Station Win. Dux, Owner  -Neillsville
Greenwood & Zetsche - Greenwood
Longwood Creamery H. A. Bright - Black River Falls. (Jackson Co.)




Clark County, Wisconsin Cheesemaker News




----Source: Obit: Brick, Christopher P. (1873 - 1972)


"I came to Greenwood in 1875 and lived on my father's farm, which is now in the city limits. At that time there were three stores, four saloons, and one blacksmith's shop. The second schoolhouse then stood on the corner where the Greenwood State Bank now stands. Father used to bring all supplies by wagon from Sparta, while mother was cooking in the camp. During my days we freighted our supplies from Hatfield, Jackson County, and the stage brought mail and passengers from Black River Falls. This town was a rough place. The loggers would come in, spend their money for whiskey, get drunk and fight, and many times they tore up the sidewalks. In 1885 a creamery was started here, but failed. They later tried it again, but failed for want of cows. I ran a store and post office at Hemlock for two years, and also ran the sawmill, but the flood of 1914 took the dam and gristmill and sawmill out."  C. P. Brick



----Source: Greenwood Gleaner, 20 Sep 1901

BEAVER NEWS - Sept. 16

Mr. Brown, who has a cheese factory in the Darton district, was in this vicinity looking up a site for a cheese factory and to see how many cows he could get. He stated that he had over one hundred cows promised and that he will put his cheese factory on the corner across from the La Tart school house. Mr. La Tart will lease him what ground he will need for this purpose. Mr. Brown said that he will erect the factory this fall bus will not get it to running till next spring.



Mr. Brown's 1901 Cheese Factory Proposal for Sec. 7, Beaver Twp., Clark Co., Wis.






----Source: Marshfield Times April 25, 1902

Herman Marten is building a new cheese factory near the Neillsville poor farm. The machinery for the same was shipped here by mistake and August Voulker took it to Neillsville. Mr. Marten is now the owner of six cheese factories.




----Source: Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune July 30, 1928

Cheesemakers to Picnic, August 2

Auburndale, July 30—Miss Linda
Bruhn, secretary of the Central Wisconsin Cheesemakers, Buttermakers and Dairymen's Advancement association announces that the annual picnic for her organization will be held at Lynn, Clark county, Thursday August 2, starting in the afternoon and extending through the evening. Wilson Mallory of Granton will address the picnic.  Various contests and sports are being arranged. There will be a dance in the evening.


----Source: Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune July 30, 1928

Cheese Factories in County Win Prizes in State Beauty Contest

County prizes were awarded as follows:

Dane county—Blue Mounds factory, Blue Mounds, Gqotlieb Weiren.

Fond du Lac county — Scannel Cheese factory, Campbellsport, G. H. Scannel; Dotyville Cheese factory, Calvary, Oswald Reitz; Woodside Co-op Cheese factory, Eldorado, Emil Abegglen.

Green county—Advance Cheese factory, Monroe, Emil Baumgartner; Martintown Cheese factory Martintown, Charles E. Helm; Kueng Cheese factory, Juda, Peter Schil.

Lincoln county — Evergreen Cheese factory, Merrill, C. 'H. Schneider; Hillside Cheese ffcctory, Merrill, George D. Schils.

Sheboygan county—Maple Grove Cheese factory, Plymouth, Louis Erbe; Otter Creek factory, Plymouth, Hugo C. Kaufmann; Town Herman Cheese factory, Elkhart Lake, Walt Luecke.

Wood county—Rock Cheese and Butter Co., Auburndale, Linda C. Bruhn; South Randolph Co-op Cheese factory, Wisconsin Rapids, Jesse Spieles.




----Source: Madison Capital Times October 26, 1931

List Clark County Awards as follows:

CLARK COUNTY—Won by Willard cheese factory, Willard, Emil E. Mech, $25; 2nd, Beaver Cheese factory, Loyal, Jesse J. Spieles, $15;  3rd, Pleasant View 'cheese factory, Unity, George Pflanzer $10; honorable mention and diplomas, Pleasant Ridge creamery of Neillsville Creamery Co., Neillsville, Vinton Lee and Pleasant View cheese factory, Loyal, William A. Seeman.




----Source: Sheboygan Press November 15, 1934

High Scorers Named in Sweepstakes at Cheese Exposition

List of Clark County, Wisconsin Winners of Prizes in State Exposition
Being Held at Big Convention.

Class 4 -- Colby cheese

M. H. Parsons - Dorchester - 93.00


Class 1 -- American Cheese Grade before July 30, 1934

#124 G. J. Vivoda - Greenwood - 90.50
#130 Fremont Wonn - Withee - 90.50
#139 R.F. Gotter - Loyal - 92.50
#240 Jesse J. Spieles - Loyal - 92.50
#260 Jesse J. Spieles - Loyal - 93.00
#270 Herman Kolkofen - Greenwood - 91.00


Class 4 --Colby Type Cheese

#314 G. J. Vivoda - Greenwood - 91.50
#375 Wm. J. Champeau - Beaver, Rt. 1 - 92.00
#285 R.F. Gotter - Loyal - 90.00
#419 Theo. W. Mech - Greenwood 90.50
#420 George E. Foelech - Greenwood, Rt. 3 - 90.00
#425 M. H. Parsons - Dorchester - 93
#434 H. E. Mandel - Unity - 92.00

Class 5 -- Drum Swiss

#505 Ernst Herrmann - Neillsville - 90.00

Class 8 -- Brick Cheese

#820 Warner Gempeler - Greenwood - 93.00


Index of Clark County, Wis. Cheese Factories, Dairies and Creameries



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