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Surnames: Jakobsen



Pastor Andreas Sixtus Nielsen


Rev. Andreas Sixtus Nielsen

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Rev. Andreas Sixtus Nielsen the pastor of Nazareth (the Danish) Lutheran Church and he and his large family lived in the large parsonage across from it.  In 1895, he founded a colony of Danes in the Withee, Hixon Twp. area in 1895. 


Memorial stone in Saeby, Denmark

A. S. Nielsen lived there prior to coming to America.

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Andraes Sixtus Nielsen

A Portrait of his Ministerial Life in Vendsyssel by Anton Jakobsen

On March 6, 1909, a minister of the Danish-American Church, Andraes Sixtus Nielsen, died in Withee, Wisconsin.  Rev. Nielsen was a native of Saeby, Denmark, where he worked as a tailor.  His life took an unexpected turn when he later became a great blessing to the many people in Vendsyssel and even later among the Danes in America, where he became known to all churchgoers as Old Nielsen, not for his age but for his lengthy service to the church.  His name, from its first mention in America in 1871 until his death, was inextricably linked with the Danish-American Church.  His memory will be preserved in future church histories.


Andraes Sixtus Nielsen was born in Aalborg on April 6, 1832, the eldest child of Master Tailor Henrich Sottman Nielsen and his wife, Marie Cathrine Seerup Nielsen.  That same summer the family moved to Saeby, where the father soon opened a tailor shop and was later elected to the town council, eventually becoming its chairman.  A few years later his position became court-appointed, and he was named mayor.  Andraesí mother was a quiet, diligent housewife devoted to her home.


At school Andraes was an able student, but the schools did not offer much.  Until 1842 the town had but one teacher, Johan Peter Klohn, an older man who met his charges in church until they went to school during the week.  On April 19, 1846, Andraes was confirmed in the Saeby church, where he was graded superior in subject matter and in moral training.  While both the teacher, Klohn, and the incumbent pastor, Theodore Sextus Khynell, recommended him for further education, his parents would not hear of it.  Andraes was to be a tailor like his father, and against his wishes he was put to work in his fatherís shop.  A short time later he tried to leave and was given permission to go to sea, but after a trip to England he realized that a sailorís life was not for him.


After becoming a journeyman, as was the custom, Andraes traveled a great deal, working both Copenhagen and in other towns, serving for a time in South Jutland.  His motherís death in 1854 grieved him sorely, a sorrow only to be relieved by his leaving the country.  Soon he was working in Mandel, Norway, and later for a longer time in Christiansand (now Oslo).  There he became the fervent follower of Pastor J. Braun.  The experience was turning in the road, and he often thanked God for the move, for it gave him direction for the remainder of his life.


After returning to Denmark, Nielsen married (in Dronninglund) a woman from Mors and began work as a tailor in Asaa -- having received from Saeby a testimony to his good character.  On October 20, 1858, he was 25 years old.  The home of the young couple soon became a mecca for their young neighbors, who gathered to discuss and debate current affairs.  That communion in the home of Asaa helped launch Nielsenís career as an effective preacher.


Two years later Nielsen returned to Saeby to take over his fatherís now extensive business.  The assumption demanded both talent and interest.  Nielsen had the former in good measure, but the later was meager, for he felt himself torn in other directions (away from the tailorís grade).  He became acquainted with the sharp-minded, 90 year-old lawyer N.K. Kristansen in Saeby, a man who had been the youngest clerk in the royal legal office.  The friendship became a lifetime bond, and many letters were exchanged.  When Nielsen wished to give one of his sons, Christen Seerup Nielsen (a doctor who died in Withee on Dec. 3, 1923), schooling in the old country, he was sent to Saeby, where he found a home with Kristansen.  In those three years he attended Saeby High School, a school he never forgot, and his wife and children maintained that a third generation friendship and correspondence with grandfatherís childhood friends in Saeby.


In 1863 Nielsen moved from Saeby to Agerated in the Voer parish, acquiring a little farm called Silvertobe, a move suggested by Master Tailor Pedersen in Aalborg, whose birthplace it was.  Pedersen had married a cousin of Nielsenís, a daughter of Master Tailor Seerup in Aalborg, a wealthy man indeed.  Farm work did not appeal to Nielsen, though he did persevere.  He soon passed his tailorís providing an improvement in his fortune.


It was here in the country that he was introduced to missionary work, for he was frequently invited to neighborhood homes for religious meetings.  Nielsen had both the leaning and the desire for Christian service, but he did not wish to appear too forward.  After much prayer and reflection he became convinced, probably by Pastor Buchwald in Dronninglund that he should talk with the bishop about his concerns.


So he journeyed to Aalborg for a meeting with Bishop Kirkegaard, a man who gave him the courage to begin working.  He held Sunday meets at home and in other places, supported by Pastor Buchwald.  The two men met often and traveled together to many gatherings, complementing one another perfectly.  Buchwald was the more learned, impassioned speaker, in contrast to Nielsen, the more outgoing communicator who easily gained listeners.  The results was that the two, in 1866, entered the service of the Home Mission, Buchwald as a traveling minister, and Nielsen as a missioner, his first canvassing beginning in Vendsyssel.  The two served in the mission but a few years, though they were pioneers in the religious revival in Vendsyssel.


Nielsenís development as a preacher was largely influenced by Buchwald, not the least in that Buchwald, in his capacity as pastor in the National Church, saw to it that at the end of Nielsenís lay preaching he did not become seduced by throngs of worshippers (a trap for many a young preacher that estranges them from more conventional ministers).  Thanks to his association with Buchwald, Nielsenís course was different, for Buchwald became the key to his acceptance by more and more preachers in the province.  In this connection another influential cleric should be mentioned, one Provost Hansen at Vrensted-Thise, who as a pastor in Saeby had for many years been Nielsenís parish priest and close friend.


As the churches reckoning with the Folk Church grew closer, an incident occurred.  Nielsen himself was a bit unclear about the difference between the two groups.  He counted many of his best friends among Grundtvigís friends.  However, some time passed before Nielsen could agree with them upon a common understanding of the True Word, as they called the actual utterances or "little words" of Christ.  When asked, Nielsen would reply that he recognized the Great Word of God, the Bible.


When Nielsen was later asked who had guided him to the Grundtvig philosophy he replied that no one had, that he had found truth in Grundtvigís conviction that before one could become a Christian he must observe the Word as it was uttered at his christening.


Nielsen and Buchwald had obligated themselves to distribute religious tracts on their travels.  It was an undertaking of little appeal to them, their distaste making them suspect in the eyes of the Home Mission.  Their ties with the Mission increasingly loosened, ending with their departure from the service.  Though Nielsen was now a free man, he yearned to return to evangelizing, so he and his wife reported to the Foreign Mission.  He who from the first had encouraged Nielsen in this endeavor was Pastor Risom in Toralev.


Before committing himself to the Foreign Mission, Nielsen consulted with others, among them Pastor Algreen in Vrajlev.  Accompanied by a good friend, Nielsen traveled one day to Vrajlev for further talks with Pastor Algreen, but found him away from home.  His friend suggested that they should go to Guldager, where many of Grundtvigís friends lived.  Nielsen did not like the idea, for he feared there would be too much disagreement with that group.  On the way to Vrajlev doubt and despondency overcame him.  He asked himself whether it was wise to think of serving others when he lacked certainty about his own views.  He was glad that he had not found Algreen home.


It was not far from the Vrajlev parsonage to Guldager, and as soon as Nielsen and his friend had sat down in teacher Millerís house a group of friends gathered.  Soon Nielsen felt that he was on holy ground, though he was not ready to take his shoes off.  In a crisis he still summoned up his courage.  Of that meeting he remarked later that he could never forget the loving spirit that moved him to a quiet meekness, in spite of all his impetuosity.  The meeting closed with a psalm, "Raise your head, all Christendom."  Nielsen recognized neither word nor note, but it made an enormous impression, revealing the sublimity of Godís kingdom.  Elsewhere he says of that meeting:  "At that hour, in the midst of praiseworthy disciples, the hallowed Word whispered in my heart, invoking a baptismal blessing.  That rapturous moment stands out in my memory."


While Nielsen lived in Agersted, and after he had left the Home Mission, he was supported by friends from both the Home Mission and the Grundtvig faction.  One day he received unexpected invitations from six residents of Vester Bronderslev to come there to assist them in their struggles with the many blasphemers who were seeking to distort the Christain message.  Maintenance and other financial matters were to be of secondary importance, for those moneys could be raised.


That letter of invitation of Nov. 15, 1868, Nielsen later called "my first deed of installation."  He took the offer, moved to Bronderslev, and began new activities and relationships.  That first year Nielsen held services in the town, initially in his home and later in a hall and in the surrounding area.  These were stirring times for Nielsen.  Constant work and conflicts were wearing him out.  In need of a rest, he moved in the winter of í69-í70 to Testrup High School for a breather.  He was a mature student, one who could handle what was offered him.  That stay served as a recreation, preparing him for his next stop.  In the spring of 1870 he returned to West Bronderslev to continue his interrupted work as an evangelist.


During his work as an evangelist in Vendsyssel Nielsen had made many friends, particularly among the pastors.  In addition to those already named were these:  Jantzen in Jerslev, Rasmus Lund in Jetsmark, Mynster in West Bronderslev and Kinck in Vrejlev, among others.  It was Pastor Jantzen who first alerted Nielsen to the need to do something for their emigrated countrymen in America, urging him to consider such work.  The other pastors among his friends similarly encouraged him, and with their help Nielsen was introduced to "The Committee for the Encouragement of Evangelical Service among Danes in America."  The committeeís creation owed much to the distinguished Pastor C.L. Clausen, whose wife, Martha, was a farmerís daughter from Langeland, and who was revered throughout the Danish Church for her well-known hymn, "Now We Shall Say Good-bye."


Clausen chose to return home to Denmark at the end of the Ď60ís for a conference on the spiritual needs of Danes in America.  He had been a pastor in America since 1843 and had become altogether renowned among Scandinavians as chairman of the Danish-Norwegian conference.  A meeting was scheduled in Odense in 1869, resulting in the formation of the aforementioned committee, among whose membership were these pastors:  Dr. L. Helvig of Odense, Johan Miller of Odense, Johan Clausen of Ryslinge, G. Strem of Marslev, and Fellow Plesner of Hellerup.


Nielsen applied for membership on the committee, was examined and accepted, whereupon he, along with Pastor Grove Rasmussen and the missionary student R. Andersen, was chosen to serve in America.  They sailed from Hamburg on May 31, 1871, and on June 13 all three debarked in New York and continued to Chicago, where they parted.  Grove Rasmussen, after traveling through Wisconsin and Iowa, landed in Grand Island, Nebraska, was overcome by homesickness, and returned to Denmark.  R. Anderson became ill and entered a hospital in Chicago.  When he had recovered he enrolled in a seminary in Marshall, Wisconsin, and in July of 1872 he was ordained a minister by Nielsen, acquiring a parish in Waupaca, Wisconsin.


Nielsen next moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where there was a Danish congregation that was occasionally served by the aforementioned C.L. Clausen, whose parish was in Anagars Church in Iowa.  On July 19, 1871, Nielsen was called to serve Cedar Falls church and was subsequently ordained by Clausen on Nov. 17th.  Soon after, Nielsen returned to Denmark to gather his family.  Thus Nielsen had become the committeeís first choice to serve our countrymen in America.


And here I might well end my account of the career of A.S. Nielsen, for his later work occurred in another land.  But to end the story I shall state that Nielsen moved to Chicago to serve a large Danish congregation.  Here he started a school in the church basement, and in 1884 founded the Danish Childrenís Home, a property that has since grown in value many thousands of dollars.  The Home came about when Nielsen promised a terminally ill woman that he would care for her three children.  When the woman died, Nielsen alertly collected fifteen dollars, rented two rooms with a little furniture, and hired an elderly woman to care for the children.  Thus did the Home emerge as a living unit in the consciousness of the Danish Church in America.


Some years after Nielsenís arrival in America the Danish Lutheran Church in America was formed, with Nielsen serving for many years as president and ordinator.  Of the eighty-one pastors in the service of the church on July 10, 1896, Nielsen had ordained fifty-two.


On May 22, 1878, the Danish Church in America held its annual convocation, where it was proposed to select a bishop for the united church.  As Pastor Kjelhede writes in his large work "Danes in America":  "Although Nielsen was the only one considered for the post, the nomination did not meet with his approval.  He rejected the nomination in a long, grave speech:  "In Denmark we learned to address Jesus the Lord, and when a call was sounded from America that was heeded by the church in Denmark, was it not unusually a bishop who would arrive here in Christís place?  No, it was the living church that sent us, for the Spirit had moved us.  We children of the Danish mother church should guard against any rigid formalism.  We should rely upon Jesusí words, letting them be our bishop, for no other can bring us peace and amity.  For the present I respect no other bishop than Godís sanctity in the Word.  Church authority in human shape I do not need.  What I seek is to come together in church meetings, speaking freely from the heart and singing with the congregation, for I feel that is what we require - a calling that inspires us both in our own individual lives and in our roles in the community."  It followed that after Nielsenís passionate statement, his nomination for the bishopric was withdrawn.


While Nielsen lived in Chicago he often talked of his wish to retire to a farm.  Though many doubted his seriousness, he did in 1893 move to Withee in Wisconsin to start a Danish settlement.  It didnít take long before there were so many settlements that a new church had to be created.  Nielsen obtained land for a church site, but the ground was overgrown with large hardwood trees and hundreds of tall oak stumps that had to be cleared for the plow.  One of the trees that fell in the woods fell hard and heavy on two hearts, for it fell on one of their sons.  Later two of his brothers went on to study medicine.


On the twenty-fifth anniversary of his installation as a pastor in Cedar Falls, July 10, 1896, the Withee church was consecrated, and on the same day Nielsen was awarded the Knightís Cross, but shortly afterward he had to withdraw from his ministerial work due to a growing infirmity.


His last year was spent peacefully there in the woods until he died on March 6, 1909, after a long and rich service to Danes in America.


"And," writes high school principal Ole Stevens in a reference to Nielsen, "now the forestís black soil is shaped into a mound over A.S. Nielsen.  Flowers of memory and of thanks bloom forever on his grave.  Many other mounds, in the woods as well as on the prairies, cover the remains of loyal Danish men and women.  Although these mounds may not rise as high as our older Danish memorials, they still carry our thoughts and our thanks when we sing here at home:  ĎDenmark, your graves are our treasureí "


The same thoughts inspired the directors of the East Vendsyssel museum in Saeby when, in 1924, with contributions from friends in America, they erected a gravestone in the memorial park on an islet near Saeby.  The stone reads:

And. Sixtus Nielsen

Danish-American Pastor 1871 - 1909

With Faithful Service

To Denmark & The Church

The memorial stone in Withee, Wisconsin

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Nielsen Genealogy


1 Johan Henrik NIELSEN



Spouse:        Mette Marie Christensen


Children:      Johann Henrik Satman (1808-)


1.1a Johann Henrik Satman NIELSEN*


Birth:         1808/09, Aalborg, Denmark

Occ:           Master tailor


Opened a tailor shop in Saeby, Denmark.

Elected to Saeby town council and later mayor.



Spouse:        Marie Catherine SEERUP

Birth:         28 Feb 1808, Aalborg, Denmark

Death:         1854

Father:        Christen SEERUP

Mother:        Helvig Eijlersen

Marr:          1 Apr 1832, Budolfi Church, Aalborg, Denmark


Children:      Andreas Sixtus (1832-1909)

               Svend Theodore (1834-)


               Hedwig Marie (1840-~1910)

               William Rudolph (1840-)

               Otto Emanuel (1846-)

               Emma Rosalia (1849-1937)


Other Spouses Karen Marie Johansen


1.1a.1 Pastor Andreas Sixtus NIELSEN


Birth:         6 Apr 1832, Aalborg, Jutland, Denmark

Death:         25 Mar 1909, Withee, WI

Burial:        30 Mar 1909, Nazreth Cemetery, Withee, WI

Occ:           Tailor and Danish Lutheran Pastor and missionary


Family moved to Saeby, Denmark in summer of 1832.

About 1860 took over his father's "now extensive business" in Saeby

Entered service of the Home Mission in 1866.

Sailed from Hamburg on 31 May 1871 and arrived in New York on 13 June.

Ordained to serve in Cedar Falls, IA church on 17 Nov 1871.

Moved to Chicago to serve a large Danish congregation.

Founded the Danish Children's Home in 1884.

Danish Lutheran Church in America proposed to make him a bishop, but he declined on religious convictions.

Moved to Withee, WI in 1893 to found a Danish settlement.

10 July 1896 the Withee church was consecrated and Nielsen was awarded the Knight's Cross.

1924 - Memorial stone dedicated near Saeby.



Spouse:        Johanne Paulsen

Birth:         20 May 1835, Island of Mors, Jutland, Denmark

Death:         19 Oct 1911, Withee, WI

Father:        Paul Jensen

Mother:        Maren Pettersen


Children:      August (1859-1860)

               Augusta (1861-~1928)

               Theodore Svend (1864-1904)

               Edmond Edward (1867-1944)

               Marie (1871-1946)

               Thyra Amalie (1871-1930)

               Christen Seerup (1874-1923)

               Nicholaj Frederik (1876-1898)

               Anna Ethel (Nan) (Adopted) (1888-1962)


1.1a.1.1 August NIELSEN


Birth:         6 Aug 1859

Death:         11 Oct 1860


1.1a.1.2 Augusta NIELSEN


Birth:         21 Jun 1861

Death:         abt 1928


Spouse:        Alexander Schaap

Birth:         Holland

Marr:          1880


Children:      Andreas (~1902-1940)


1.1a.1.2.1 Andreas Schaap


Birth:         abt 1902

Death:         1940

Occ:           musician


Spouse:        Margaret


Children:      Larita


1.1a. Larita Schaap



1.1a.1.3 Dr. Theodore Svend NIELSEN


Birth:         3 Apr 1864, Agersted, Voer Parish, Hjorring Co., Denmark

Death:         4 Jun 1904, Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Burial:        Mt. Olive Cemetery, Chicago

Occ:           Physician, specialized in diseases of women and children


He spoke English, German and Danish.  His practice was at 235 N. Ashland and later at 395 W. Chicago.


Spouse:        Anna Matilda JOHNSON

Birth:         1865, Saeby, Denmark

Death:         1924

Father:        ? JENSEN (LATER JOHNSON)

Mother:        Johanna PAULSEN

Marr:          1885


Children:      Ethel Johana (1885-1891)

               Theodora Alexandra (1889-1966)

               Esther Wilhelmina (1893-1968)


1.1a.1.3.1 Ethel Johana NIELSEN


Birth:         27 May 1885

Death:         3 Jan 1891


Died of diphtheria


1.1a.1.3.2 Theodora Alexandra NIELSEN


Birth:         21 Mar 1889, Chicago, Il

Death:         29 Oct 1966, Evergreen Park, IL

Burial:        1 Nov 1966, Fairmount Cemetery, Willow Sprngs, IL

Reli:          Methodist


Spouse:        James Bruce STENHOUSE

Birth:         24 Jul 1890, Chicago, IL

Death:         4 Aug 1973, Rochelle, IL

Father:        Alexander David STENHOUSE (1854-1942)

Mother:        Anna Amelia GOODRICH (1854-1921)

Marr:          6 Jan 1915


Children:      James Theodore (1916-1990)

               Ethel Anna Amelia (1919-)

               Alexander David (1924-)


1.1a. James Theodore STENHOUSE


Birth:         3 Oct 1916, 7142 Emerald Ave., Chicago, IL (Home)

Death:         31 Dec 1990, Oak Lawn, IL

Burial:        Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Pk., IL

Occ:           Mfr. of Marking Devices, A. Stenhouse & Co.

Educ:          Graduate of Tilden Technical High School, Chicago, IL


Spouse:        Dorothy Erna FINK

Birth:         16 Nov 1917, 457 W. 28th St., Chicago, IL

Death:         28 Jan 1996, Oak Lawn, IL

Father:        Hans August Peter FINK (1891-1953)

Mother:        Laura Irene DINSMORE (1890-1948)

Marr:          1 Jan 1942, Chandler Meth. Church, Chicago, IL



Children:      James Bruce (1944-)

               Keith Alexander (1950-)


1.1a. James Bruce STENHOUSE II


Birth:         8 Sep 1944, Pueblo, Colorado

Occ:           High School English Teacher

Educ:          B.A., University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Spouse:        Jean STEELE

Birth:         28 Aug 1944, Lying-In Hospital, Chicago, IL

Father:        William Hugh STEELE (1917-1996)

Mother:        Miriam Ruth JEWETT (1913-1994)

Marr:          27 Aug 1966, Buena Memorial Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL


Children:      Owen Michael (1971-)

               Jeffrey Steele (1982-)


1.1a. Owen Michael STENHOUSE


Birth:         6 Dec 1971, Lying-In Hospital, Chicago, IL


1.1a. Jeffrey Steele STENHOUSE


Birth:         12 May 1982, Hinsdale Hospital, Hinsdale, IL

Educ:          Graduate from Bolingbrook High School  June 2000, attended University of Illinois at Urbana


1.1a. Keith Alexander Stenhouse


Birth:         21 Apr 1950, Englewood Hospital, Chicago, IL


Spouse:        Deborah Ann Boll

Birth:         1 Feb 1954

Marr:          8 Jul 1972, Burbank Presbyterian Church, Burbank, IL


Children:      David Alexander (1975-)

               Kurtis James (1980-)

               Christopher Lee (1982-)


1.1a. David Alexander Stenhouse


Birth:         2 Jun 1975, Oak Lawn, IL


1.1a. Kurtis James Stenhouse


Birth:         19 Jan 1980, Oak Lawn, IL


Spouse:        Katherine O'Brien


Children:      Kyla Reese (2006-)


1.1a. Kyla Reese Stenhouse


Birth:         5 Feb 2006, Chicago, Cook Co., IL


1.1a. Christopher Lee Stenhouse


Birth:         2 Apr 1982, Palos Hospital, Palos Park, IL


1.1a. Ethel Anna Amelia Stenhouse


Birth:         23 Nov 1919


Spouse:        Robert Franklin Buckley

Birth:         11 Oct 1915

Death:         24 Sep 1999, Rockford, IL

Marr:          22 Apr 1944


Children:      Theo Lynn (1947-)

               Robert Franklin Jr. (1949-)

               Gary Steven (1953-)

               Scott Alexander (1955-)


1.1a. Theo Lynn Buckley


Birth:         9 May 1947


Spouse:        William Tucker

Marr:          19 May 1979


1.1a. Robert Franklin Jr. Buckley


Birth:         29 Sep 1949


Spouse:        Jenny Rowe

Marr:          4 Aug 1990


Children:      Helen Anna (1991-)


1.1a. Helen Anna Buckley


Birth:         4 Oct 1991


1.1a. Gary Steven Buckley


Birth:         23 May 1953


Spouse:        Molly Santos

Marr:          1 Sep 1984


Children:      Margaret Elizabeth (1986-)

               Catherine Victoria (1990-)


1.1a. Margaret Elizabeth Buckley


Birth:         7 Dec 1986


1.1a. Catherine Victoria Buckley


Birth:         11 May 1990


1.1a. Scott Alexander Buckley


Birth:         9 Oct 1955


1.1a. Alexander David Stenhouse


Birth:         29 Jul 1924


Spouse:        Beatrice Pearl Carney

Birth:         26 Jun

Marr:          27 Dec 1946


Children:      Susan Beth (1949-)

               Christine Ann (1953-)

               Heather Ann (1959-)


1.1a. Susan Beth Stenhouse


Birth:         19 Nov 1949


Spouse:        John (Jack) Mason Satterthwaite

Birth:         2 Nov 1948

Marr:          30 Aug 1970, Burbank Manor Presbyterian Church


Children:      Erin Elizabeth (1977-)

               Sara Maureen (1978-)


1.1a. Erin Elizabeth Satterthwaite


Birth:         12 Feb 1977


Spouse:        Timothy Charles SHRAMEK

Marr:          22 Jul 2000


1.1a. Sara Maureen Satterthwaite


Birth:         23 Sep 1978


1.1a. Christine Ann Stenhouse


Birth:         26 Aug 1953


Spouse:        Charles Henry Hacker

Birth:         13 Dec 1952

Marr:          10 Aug 1974


Children:      Catherine Elizabeth (1977-)

               Charles Alexander (1980-)


1.1a. Catherine Elizabeth Hacker


Birth:         8 Jun 1977


1.1a. Charles Alexander Hacker


Birth:         2 Jun 1980


1.1a. Heather Ann Stenhouse


Birth:         11 Aug 1959


Spouse:        John Haas

Birth:         2 Jun 1954

Marr:          22 Sep 1979


Children:      Leigh Autumn (1984-)

               Alexander David (1988-)


1.1a. Leigh Autumn Haas


Birth:         27 Apr 1984


1.1a. Alexander David Haas


Birth:         4 Apr 1988


1.1a.1.3.3 Esther Wilhelmina NIELSEN


Birth:         10 Oct 1893

Death:         10 Jul 1968

Burial:        Mt. Olive Cemetery, Chicago, IL


Spouse:        Herbert Teisler

Birth:         23 Mar 1892

Death:         20 May 1939

Marr:          26 Apr 1916


Children:      Winifred (-1985)



1.1a. Winifred Teisler


Death:         28 Aug 1985


Spouse:        James Stelzer


Children:      Jay


1.1a. Jay Stelzer



1.1a. Theodore Teisler



Spouse:        Louise Brownley


Children:      Julia



1.1a. Julia Teisler



Spouse:        Dominick Fauci


1.1a. Pamela Teisler



1.1a.1.4 Edmond Edward NIELSEN


Birth:         4 May 1867, Agersted, Voer Parish, Hjorring Co., Denmark

Death:         1944, Withee, Clark Co., WI


Spouse:        Alva Hack

Birth:         Green Grove, WI

Death:         1950, Minneapolis, MN

Father:        Simon Hack

Mother:        Catherine

Marr:          27 May 1903, Danish church


1.1a.1.5 Marie NIELSEN


Birth:         24 Dec 1871, Bronderslev, Voer Parish, Hjorring Co., Denmark,

Death:         Jul 1946

Burial:        21 Jul 1946, Nazreth Cemetery, Withee, WI


Spouse:        Oscar P. Rubardt


Children:      Thyra Amalie (1894-1987)

               Ethel Johanna (1897-)

               Marie Ebba (1903-)


1.1a.1.5.1 Thyra Amalie Rubardt


Birth:         1 Nov 1894

Death:         21 Oct 1987


1.1a.1.5.2 Ethel Johanna Rubardt


Birth:         15 Aug 1897


1.1a.1.5.3 Marie Ebba Rubardt


Birth:         1 Sep 1903


1.1a.1.6 Thyra Amalie NIELSEN


Birth:         24 Dec 1871, Cedar Falls, IA

Death:         6 Mar 1930, Evan, MN


Spouse:        Frede Westergaard

Birth:         Saeraa, Jutland, Denmark

Death:         16 Oct 1948, Luck, WI

Marr:          1900


Children:      Dagmar Eleonara (1902-1973)

               Anna Amalia (1903-1904)

               Helga Amalie (1904-)

               Theodore Nikoli Frede (1906-1987)

               Svend Oscar Johannes (1910-1910)

               Johannes (1911-1911)

               Nielsen (1916-)


1.1a.1.6.1 Dagmar Eleonara Westergaard


Birth:         26 Feb 1902, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Death:         1973, Minneapolis, MN


Spouse:        George Christopher

Marr:          12 Jun 1942


Children:      Elaine


1.1a. Elaine Christopher



1.1a.1.6.2 Anna Amalia Westergaard


Birth:         26 Sep 1903, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Death:         12 Jan 1904, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Burial:        Jan 1904, Nazreth Cemetery, Withee, WI


1.1a.1.6.3a Helga Amalie Westergaard*


Birth:         1904, Withee, Clark Co., WI


Spouse:        Don Martin


Children:      Diane (Twin)

               Donna (Twin)


Other Spouses Soren Lura


1.1a.1.6.3a.1 Diane Martin



1.1a.1.6.3a.2 Donna Martin



1.1a.1.6.3b Helga Amalie Westergaard* (See above)



Spouse:        Soren Lura


Other Spouses Don Martin


1.1a.1.6.4 Theodore Nikoli Frede Westergaard


Birth:         1906, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Death:         9 Oct 1987


Died in his sleep at age seventy-seven


Spouse:        Phyllis


1.1a.1.6.5 Svend Oscar Johannes Westergaard


Birth:         16 May 1910

Death:         Sep 1910

Burial:        28 Sep 1910, Nazareth Cemetery, Withee, WI


1.1a.1.6.6 Johannes Westergaard


Birth:         28 Jul 1911, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Death:         28 Jul 1911, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Burial:        28 Jul 1911, Nazareth Cemetery, Withee, WI


1.1a.1.6.7 Nielsen Westergaard


Birth:         1916


1.1a.1.7a Christen Seerup NIELSEN*


Birth:         11 Jun 1874, Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co., IA

Death:         9 Dec 1923, Marshfield Hospital, Marshfield , WI

Burial:        11 Dec 1923, Nazreth Cemetery, Withee, WI

Occ:           Doctor


Spouse:        Glyde Bell Luhrsen

Birth:         17 May , Reedsburg, WI

Death:         26 May 1975, Wayzata, MN

Marr:          1907


Children:      Andreas Sixtus (Andre) (1909-1983)


Other Spouses Louisa Nielsen


1.1a.1.7a.1 Andreas Sixtus (Andre) NIELSEN


Birth:         28 Jul 1909

Death:         Dec 1983, Michigan


1.1a.1.7b Christen Seerup NIELSEN* (See above)



Spouse:        Louisa Nielsen

Death:         27 Dec 1904, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Marr:          1896


Other Spouses Glyde Bell Luhrsen


1.1a.1.8 Nicholaj Frederik NIELSEN


Birth:         27 Mar 1876, Cedar Falls, IA

Death:         15 Dec 1898, Withee, Clark Co., WI

Burial:        18 Dec 1898, Withee, Clark Co., WI


Killed by a falling tree


1.1a.1.9 Anna Ethel (Nan) NIELSEN


Birth:         30 Nov 1888

Death:         3 May 1962, Chicago, Cook Co., IL


1.1a.2 Svend Theodore NIELSEN


Birth:         1834, Saeby, Denmark

Death:         at sea, buried in Malaga Spain


1.1a.3 Edmond NIELSEN


Birth:         possibly died at birth


1.1a.4 Hedwig Marie NIELSEN


Birth:         18 Mar 1840, Saeby, Denmark

Death:         abt 1910, Withee, WI


Spouse:        Anders Westergaard

Birth:         18 Mar 1840, Laen, Jutland, Denmark

Death:         1879


1.1a.5 William Rudolph NIELSEN


Birth:         1840, Saeby, Denmark

Occ:           Had a brickyard farm in or near Copenhagen




1.1a.6 Otto Emanuel NIELSEN


Birth:         1846, Saeby, Denmark


1.1a.7 Emma Rosalia NIELSEN


Birth:         1849, Saeby, Denamark

Death:         1937, Helsinge, Sjilland, Denmark


Spouse:        Frederick Christensen


1.1b Johann Henrik Satman NIELSEN* (See above)



Spouse:        Karen Marie Johansen

Marr:          aft 1854, Saeby, Denamark


Children:      Chritiane Marie Catherine (~1855-)

               Johanne Henriette Caroline (~1857-)

               Jensine Juliane Amalie (~1858-)


Other Spouses Marie Catherine SEERUP


1.1b.1 Chritiane Marie Catherine NIELSEN


Birth:         abt 1855


1.1b.2 Johanne Henriette Caroline NIELSEN


Birth:         abt 1857


1.1b.3 Jensine Juliane Amalie NIELSEN


Birth:         abt 1858







   Margaret                         spouse of 1.1a.1.2.1

   Phyllis                          spouse of 1.1a.1.6.4


   Deborah Ann                      spouse of 1.1a.


   Louise                           spouse of 1.1a.


   Catherine Victoria               1.1a.

   Gary Steven                      1.1a.

   Helen Anna                       1.1a.

   Margaret Elizabeth               1.1a.

   Robert Franklin                  spouse of 1.1a.

   Robert Franklin Jr.              1.1a.

   Scott Alexander                  1.1a.

   Theo Lynn                        1.1a.


   Beatrice Pearl                   spouse of 1.1a.


   Frederick                        spouse of 1.1a.7

   Mette Marie                      spouse of 1


   Elaine                           1.1a.

   George                           spouse of 1.1a.1.6.1


   Dominick                         spouse of 1.1a.


   Dorothy Erna                     spouse of 1.1a.


   Alexander David                  1.1a.

   John                             spouse of 1.1a.

   Leigh Autumn                     1.1a.


   Alva                             spouse of 1.1a.1.4


   Catherine Elizabeth              1.1a.

   Charles Alexander                1.1a.

   Charles Henry                    spouse of 1.1a.


   Karen Marie                      spouse of 1.1b


   Anna Matilda                     spouse of 1.1a.1.3


   Glyde Bell                       spouse of 1.1a.1.7a


   Soren                            spouse of 1.1a.1.6.3b


   Diane                            1.1a.1.6.3a.1

   Don                              spouse of 1.1a.1.6.3a

   Donna                            1.1a.1.6.3a.2


   Pastor Andreas Sixtus            1.1a.1

   Andreas Sixtus (Andre)           1.1a.1.7a.1

   Anna Ethel (Nan)                 1.1a.1.9

   August                           1.1a.1.1

   Augusta                          1.1a.1.2

   Christen Seerup                  1.1a.1.7a

   Chritiane Marie Catherine        1.1b.1

   Edmond                           1.1a.3

   Edmond Edward                    1.1a.1.4

   Emma Rosalia                     1.1a.7

   Esther Wilhelmina                1.1a.1.3.3

   Ethel Johana                     1.1a.1.3.1

   Hedwig Marie                     1.1a.4

   Jensine Juliane Amalie           1.1b.3

   Johan Henrik                     1

   Johann Henrik Satman             1.1a

   Johanne Henriette Caroline       1.1b.2

   Louisa                           spouse of 1.1a.1.7b

   Marie                            1.1a.1.5

   Nicholaj Frederik                1.1a.1.8

   Otto Emanuel                     1.1a.6

   Svend Theodore                   1.1a.2

   Theodora Alexandra               1.1a.1.3.2

   Dr. Theodore Svend               1.1a.1.3

   Thyra Amalie                     1.1a.1.6

   William Rudolph                  1.1a.5


   Katherine                        spouse of 1.1a.


   Johanne                          spouse of 1.1a.1


   Jenny                            spouse of 1.1a.


   Ethel Johanna                    1.1a.1.5.2

   Marie Ebba                       1.1a.1.5.3

   Oscar P.                         spouse of 1.1a.1.5

   Thyra Amalie                     1.1a.1.5.1


   Molly                            spouse of 1.1a.


   Erin Elizabeth                   1.1a.

   John (Jack) Mason                spouse of 1.1a.

   Sara Maureen                     1.1a.


   Alexander                        spouse of 1.1a.1.2

   Andreas                          1.1a.1.2.1

   Larita                           1.1a.


   Marie Catherine                  spouse of 1.1a


   Timothy Charles                  spouse of 1.1a.


   Jean                             spouse of 1.1a.


   James                            spouse of 1.1a.

   Jay                              1.1a.


   Alexander David                  1.1a.

   Christine Ann                    1.1a.

   Christopher Lee                  1.1a.

   David Alexander                  1.1a.

   Ethel Anna Amelia                1.1a.

   Heather Ann                      1.1a.

   James Bruce II                   1.1a.

   James Bruce                      spouse of 1.1a.1.3.2

   James Theodore                   1.1a.

   Jeffrey Steele                   1.1a.

   Keith Alexander                  1.1a.

   Kurtis James                     1.1a.

   Kyla Reese                       1.1a.

   Owen Michael                     1.1a.

   Susan Beth                       1.1a.


   Herbert                          spouse of 1.1a.1.3.3

   Julia                            1.1a.

   Pamela                           1.1a.

   Theodore                         1.1a.

   Winifred                         1.1a.


   William                          spouse of 1.1a.


   Anders                           spouse of 1.1a.4

   Anna Amalia                      1.1a.1.6.2

   Dagmar Eleonara                  1.1a.1.6.1

   Frede                            spouse of 1.1a.1.6

   Helga Amalie                     1.1a.1.6.3a

   Johannes                         1.1a.1.6.6

   Nielsen                          1.1a.1.6.7

   Svend Oscar Johannes             1.1a.1.6.5

   Theodore Nikoli Frede            1.1a.1.6.4



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