Bio: Bohac, Caroline (99th Birthday - 2008)


Contact: Dolores (Mohr) Kenyon


Surnames: Bohac


----Source: Banner Journal (Black River Falls, Jackson Co., Wis.) June 4, 2008



99th Birthday Open House Celebration

In honor of

Caroline Bohac

Sat. June 14 - 1-4 p.m.

Lunda Community Park

Black River Falls

(Lower Level shelter)

All Relatives and Friends welcome!

Refreshments provided.




----Source: Clark County Press, Neillsville (Clark Co) WI, June 18, 2008


Neillsville News


By: Amber Pischer


Charlie and Lou Neff and Lou’s niece, Carole Post, attended the birthday celebration of Caroline Bohac at the Lunda Community Park in Black River Falls Saturday afternoon, June 14.  Caroline, who was celebrating her 99th birthday, began her teaching career at the Old Sleepy Hollow School where Lou was beginning fourth grade as her student.  Their friendship has remained throughout the years. Caroline still lives and cares for herself in her Black River Falls home. 


(Caroline is the former Caroline Sonheim of Levis township, married to Bohumil Bohac who passed away many years ago and they lived in the Town of Dewhurst and were both active in various capacities in the town.  Dmk)


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Bio: Bohac, Caroline (“Swing Those Arms” - 2005)

Contact: Dolores (Mohr) Kenyon

Surnames: Bohac, Windsor, Engebretson, Poff, Lofgren, Christianson, Savage

----Source: Banner Journal (Black River Falls, Jackson Co., WI) 3/30/2005

Bohac, Caroline (“Swing Those Arms” - 2005)

“We all look so good because we exercise,” claimed 95-year old Caroline Bohac. Bohac smiled during the entire exercise session held last Friday morning in the Jackson County Bank Community Room. “I love people,” said Bohac.

“Your mindset is the biggest thing that helps you.” Becky Windsor told Caroline. Windsor, a physical therapist assistant at Black River Memorial Hospital, teaches the class held during eight week sessions throughout the year.

“We need the structure of the class,” said Ethel Engebretson, speaking for her and her husband Ron.

“When we first started coming, every time I turned my head during the neck exercises, I’d hear these crunching noises,” said Ron. “I remember then hearing the guy next to me say, ‘It’s crunching.’ Now I can actually turn my head when I’m backing up the car,” explained Ron. “Before I started taking the class, I had a hard time turning my head because of my neck.”

“I’ve got a bum knee and (the exercise) helped that out a lot. My ankles even work better.”

Ethel said it also makes her feel better being able to exercise with health professionals should something happen while they’re exercising.

“If you get a catch or you get out of breath, she’s here to help with those things and give advice for what we can do to prevent it,” said Ethel.

The program began after HelpLink, Jackson County’s Aging and Disability Resource Center, received a $176,000 grant. It was designed to identify ways to reduce the number of falls older residents suffer. Five years later, it’s more popular than ever.

“It helps you strengthen your muscles,” said Gilbert Poff. “I keep going to the class a much as I can because I love it. It gives me more endurance. I also have trouble breathing and I think it has even helped me with that.”

The class, which meets twice a week, provides a community-based exercise and safety program for people 55 years of age and older who live in the community who want to continue being active and independent outside the home.

“The class allows people to be able to do the things they enjoy whether it’s playing with their grandchildren or driving a car,” said Windsor.

Ed Lofgren will turn 81 years old in July. He just returned from a trip to San Diego for a health convention. Even though he was stranded near Albuquerque in a snowstorm, he said he finally made it to California.

“I’d start to get a little stiff and I’d do the shoulder shrugs while I was driving. You need that circulation going,” said Lofgren.

Exercise class participants learn how to maintain or improve their range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination. A “whole body” approach to exercise is done, including warm-ups, cool-downs and relaxation techniques.

In addition to the exercises, participants will learn correct body mechanics, methods to improve posture, in-home-safety, and nutrition for an active lifestyle and stress management for a quality life.

Dorothy Christianson just started coming to the class, “I just started and I love it,” said Dorothy. “It’s a lot better to be in a group than exercising alone at home. What I want to be doing is be able to walk that whole trail (Foundation Trail).”

Eugene and Delores Savage have been coming since the program started and agree it helps them.

“You have to do something or you aren’t going to be able to maintain your balance and flexibility,” explained Eugene.

When asked how old he was, Eugene said, “My next birthday is going to be the 39th anniversary of my 39th birthday.”



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Bio: Bohac, Caroline (Jackson Co. Women in History - 2005)

Contact: Dolores (Mohr) Kenyon

Surnames: Bohac

----Source: Banner Journal (Black River Falls, Jackson Co., WI) 3/30/2005

Bohac, Caroline (Jackson Co. Women in History - 2005)

Caroline started her compassion for people quite a long time ago when she was found teaching students at the Bruce Mound School. Her home at that time was on a farm between Bruce Mound and Hatfield. She stayed there until moving to town in the early 1990s.

Caroline became very active in the HCE (Home and Community Education) organization over the years. she is currently a member of the Warm Hearts home HCE Club and the Hatfield homemakers. Caroline served as president and secretary/treasurer of her local clubs several times.

She taught craft classes from HCE’s Reach and Learn Days in the past, such as crocheting and making porcelain roses.

Caroline enjoys her role in community service projects. She visits both nursing homes as well as the hospital on a regular basis. Her thoughtful visits and caring attitude leave everyone with joy and hope.

She has been a willing volunteer helping each month with the Baby Sling project.

Caroline continually participates in all local HCE workshops and county and district meetings.

Talking with Caroline, one can just feel the enthusiasm she has. As a fellow HCE member commented, “Caroline is always a cheerful volunteer and does anything anyone asks of her.”

Her compassion for her church also shows in the amount of time she gives Grace Lutheran Church and her faith.

Caroline has three children, two sons and a daughter.

As Caroline’s friend noted, “Hey, I want to be just like her when I grow up.”