Cheese Factories

Clark County, Wisconsin


Eidsvold Cheese Factory


Draft Owner List


Ervin S. (E.S.) Boardman bought out the Barret Brothers General Store in Eidsvold, WI in 1906, and in 1910 expanded the facility to include a cheese factory.  Sale date unknown.


Walter Braatz/Bratz owned the factory following E.S. Boardman, but date is uncertain.  Bratz sold the factory to Charles Flunker on November 30, 1933.  Walter Bratz is listed in the Thorp Courier as the new father of a baby girl, born in Eidsvold, on Jan 24, 1926.  Walter and Be(a)trice, Dorthy and Donald appear on the Eidsvold State Graded School census lists for 1932 and 1933, years in which E.S. Boardman is also listed.  The 1934 school census does not list Walter or any children.


Charles Flunker owned the Eidsvold Cheese Factory from Nov 30, 1933 to August 1946 when Charles A. & Alice Flunker are listed as having sold the facility to the Wheeler Corporation.  Chas Flunker is listed on the Eidsvold State Graded School census files for the ears 1937 through 1939, when Bernard would have been 20.


George Thill must have bought the Cheese Factory from the Wheeler Corporation immediately in 1946 or very soon thereafter.  George Thill is listed in the 1947 Eidsvold State Graded census, which would mean they may have moved to Eidsvold in 1946 as the census dates from July 1, 1946 to June 30, 1947.  Children were Delores, James and William.  These listing continue through 1955.


William Thill is listed on the 1956 Eidsvold State Graded census, with children Jean Marie, Devorah Ann and Frank.  These listing continue through 1960 when Eidsvold State Graded School was consolidated into the Thorp School District.



Ervin S. Boardman 1906- ?

Walter Braatz  1930/31? -11/30/1933

Charles Flunker 11/30/1933-1946

George Thill 1946-1956?

William Thill 1956 - ?

Roger Creek Cheese Factory


Draft Owner List


Glenn Rasmussen advises that his father Robert told him that Lee Henderson originally built the Roger Creek Cheese Factory.  Our assumption is that ownership is as follows:


Walter Fero is considered to be the first owner of the Roger Creek Cheese Factory, but we can find no supporting date, or information on Walter and his family.


William Blazel moved into the Cheese Factory most likely sometime in 1926 as William and his children appear on the Roger Creek School census report dated July 25, 1927.  Children listed as Gordon, Robert, Dorothy Wallace, Edith and William.  They remain on the school census through 1946.


T. J. Gjermundson probably bought the Cheese Factory in 1946 as he and his son Don Jay appear on the Roger Creek School census in 1947 and remain through 1953.  Donnie, Gladys Heien and Glenn Rasmussen were the last Roger Creek School graduates.


Walter Fero ?

William Blazel 1926 1946?

T. J. Gjermundson 1946 1953?