Unity is the paradoxical name of a town divided by a county line, half of it being in Clark and half in Marathon, the result of the fact that the old Wisconsin Central railroad chose the county line for its right of way. Unity is on a hard- wood ridge the highest point of land between Medford and Stevens Point, and is surrounded by the best farming land to be found anywhere. It is a town of about 400 population and has a sawmill, three general stores, drug store, millinery store, blacksmith, wagon factory, harness shop, grain and fuel store, furniture store, garage, two hardware stores, a bank, a produce company and two telephone lines.


Business Directory


   Clark, J. H., Drugs.


   Creed, Wm., Gen. Store.


   Duvall Chas., Saw Mill.


   Glaman, Wm., Saloon.


   Groelle & Haman, Gen. Store.


   Harvey, Miss J. B., Millinery,


   Jarvis, J. L., Blacksmith.


   Johnson, J. P., Wagon Manfr.


   Klein Phillip, Shoemaker & Harness.


   Koch, J. F., Hay, Grain and Fuel.


   Kuehnan, J. H., Furniture.


   Laabs, Wm., Saloon.


   Mattison, M. S., Garage.


   Messer, L. E., Printer and Notions.


   Morgan, W. E., Hardware.


   Olson, Peter, Saloon.


   Perschke & Cutts, Hardware.


   Rohde, Otto G., Mnfr. Cheese.


   Simon, Fred, Hotel.


   Smith, Ed., Mnfr. Cheese & Butter.


   Unity Eastern Telephone Co.


   Unity Mercantile Co., Gen. Store.


   Unity Produce Co.


   Unity State Bank.


   Unity & Southwestern Telephone Co.


   Vogt, C. & Son, Implements.


   Weyers, L. H., Gen. Store.


   Weide, August, Meats.