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Curtiss State Graded School No. 4 shortly after being built (circa 1910)


The first schoolhouse in Curtiss was a wooden frame building built in the late 1800's.  Some of the early teachers were: Miss Gunda Thompson, T. H. Barber and Christine Matthias.  In 1910, the new school was built.  The old building was moved across the street and was used as the village hall for many years.  A part of it was used for the library.  The first librarian was Tom Wilson, a black man.  Other uses for the old schoolhouse (village hall) were: banking business, store, jail, personal residence  and is currently the Bowen  Hardware Storage (1982).  The school was known as the Curtiss State Graded School No. 4.  In 1930 an addition was built for a two-year high school.  This was discontinued about 1943.  The Parent - Teacher Association was active, with Mrs. Minnie Green being the first president. In 1935 the P.T.A. joined the national organization.  In the 1960's the Curtiss Graded School was closed and consolidated with the Abbotsford School District.  The school building was purchased by the village of Curtiss, and now serves as the community hall.  (this text was supplied by Armin Peterson for the Curtiss Centennial Booklet and the photo was submitted by Roy Ostenson, Sr.)



Curtiss State Graded #4, Sec. 36--Curtiss Grade School (1924)
Elmhurst, Sec. 8
Hoard Center, Sec. 20--Hoard Center School
Midway, Sec. 26
Park, Sec. 11


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Kris Leonhardt's, "One-Room Schools of Clark Co., WI"

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