Saint Hedwig's Interior, ca. 1913/14

Interior St Hedwig Polish Catholic Church, circa 1914/1914
reverseThe church interior picture is of St. Hedwig after the original 1891 church was torn down and the congregation was joined by the parishioners from the Polish National church. The new St, Hedwig on the same 1891 ground was built using brick, had three entrances, and three aisles between four rows of pews. The picture is also in the form of a post card. On the back is my mother's name with her printed her printing. This is the only item I have ever seen her name printed on, so it may have been shortly before she learned to write. My mother was Eva Wiater, nee Graikowski. I recognize my mother as she is an exact look alike with my sister lorraine Jarecki, nee Wiater. This picture is circa 1913 or 1914. Since my mother, Eva only went thru the third grade and was born in 1907 the picture dating is quite accurate. I am guessing that the postcard may have been a handout at her first communion. Mike and Josephine, nee liesnewski, Graikowski, had a farm on the south side of section 26 of Withee township. By the 1930 there were a number of Both the Joseph liesnieiski and John Griakowski families were settler farmers, and my great grandparents. Their children owned a number of farms in Withee township. Bothe families have numerous family members buried in the cemetery adjoining St Hedwig Church and the new St Hedwig cemetery. Adam and Eva Wiater, my parents are buried there, along with my sister lorraine, my brother Stanly, and a nephew Adam Jr. I attended Sterling State Graded School from 1943 thru 1949 and graduated with Norbert Teclaw, Richard Teclaw and Donald Nevela.

John Graikowski 1852-1927 /Mary Imbierowitz 18XX?-1935                                             SE corner sect 26

Moved to west side section 25 when Michael took over

                Michael Graikowski 1880-1976/Josephine liesnewski 1884-1976                        East side sect 26

John farmed in NW corner section 35


Eva 1907-1993/Adam Wiater 1906-1981
Bought M
ichael Graikowski farm

Stanley 1929-1949
lorraine Jarocki 1932-1989
Richard 193~

Adam Jr 1943


                John Graikowski 1885-1966/Mary Swienarski1890-1968                                   middle sect 35

Cecelia 1909-1918

Joesph 1916-2003/Jennie Romanowicz 1915-1991

Rose 1909-1924 Killed by tornado that drove a stick thru her chest
            Joesph Graikowski 1916-1954

Was willed forty acre farm section 25 when Mary died

Joseph liesnewski 1854-1954/Eva JZawacki 1856-1931                                                   NW sect 36

Anton 1893-1970/Helena Jurkowski 1893-1954

Took over homestead in sect 36

             Edna 1896-1991/Frank Jasinek 1893/1956                                                         farmed in sect 36

Josephine 1884-1976/Michael Graikowski 180-1976

Frank 1915-1997/lorraine
Adam 18XX-1973/mary 1892-1989

There were other children but I did not know them

By Richard M. Wiater
915 Reily Road
Cincinnati, Oh 45215
May 15, 2011