The Rundle Family Photo Album

Contributed by Thomas T. Welch & Bill Sweeney


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Notes & Memories


This is the back of a Modern Woodsmen of America ribbon which is like a fraternal organization. Similar to the Masons or VFW etc. It belonged and was awarded to Henry T. Rundle.


This is the front of the same ribbon Modern Woodsman of America of which Henry Rundle belonged.


A photo of Ada Johnson Rundle. 1st wife of Henry T. Rundle and mother of Hazel Rundle-born March 14th, 1895.


A photo of a watch chain woven from the locks of hair of Ada Rundle for her husband Henry T. Rundle. Ada died Jan 11th, 1898 at a young age. Henry was mustered into service on May 11th , 1898 for a period of two years unless discharged sooner. He went to serve in the Spanish American War.


This is a dice box made from a rations can by Henry Rundle and used to entertain himself and the other troops when on their way to fight in the Spanish American War.