1900 Clark County

Wisconsin Federal Census


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Contributed by: Helen Blaha

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Clark Co., WI Cemeteries

Name   Birth Age Birthplace Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace Occupation
David Irvine Head 1876 24 Wisconsin Maryland Wisconsin Farmer
Clara Irvine Wife 1875 24 Wisconsin Germany Germany  
Berniece Irvine Daughter 1898 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Emma Dittman Servant 1884 15 Wisconsin Germany Germany House servant
Christian Nelson Head 1869 31 Norway Norway Norway Farmer
Anna (?) Nelson Wife 1878 22 Wisconsin  New York Canada, Eng.  
Arvin O. Nelson Son 1896 4 Wisconsin Norway Norway  
Mavis (?) Nelson Daughter 1897 2 Wisconsin Norway Wisconsin  
Adelia Nelson Daughter 1899 8 months Wisconsin Norway Wisconsin Farmer
William H. Haskins Head 1876 24 Wisconsin New York New York  
Celia A. Haskins Wife 1870 20 Wisconsin Ohio New York  
Gladys Haskins Daughter 1898 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Fay Haskins Daughter 1899 4 months Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Fredrick Nelson Head 1866 34 Wisconsin Norway Norway Farmer
Johanna Nelson Mother 1836 64 Wisconsin Norway England  
Mary E. Nelson Sister 1881 19 Wisconsin Norway Norway Servant
William N. Nelson Brother 1878 22 Wisconsin Norway Norway Farmer
John Nelson Head 1872 28 Norway Norway Norway Farmer
Martha Nelson Wife 1880 20 Germany Germany Germany  
Lewis Edgar Stowe Head 1845 54 Massachuesetts Massachuesetts Massachuesetts Farmer
Lillian E. Stowe Wife 1855 45 Ohio Ohio England  
Earl L. Stowe Son 1881 19 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio Farm laborer
Eltha R. Stowe Daughter 1884 16 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
Chester R. Stowe Son 1886 14 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
John B. Stowe Son 1889 11 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
June Stowe Son 1889 10 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
Rufus Stowe Son 1891 9 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
George W. Stowe              
George H. Stowe Son 1874 25 Wisconsin Massachuesetts Ohio  
Joseph Cammers Head 1858 42 Wisconsin Germany Germany Farmer
Amelia Cammers wife 1859 40 Wisconsin Germany Germany  
Harry Cammers Son 1882 17 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Farmer
Eva Cammers daughter 1883 16 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Alvin Cammers Son 1894 6 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Arthur Cammers Son 1898 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin  
Charles Wittlinger Head 1859 41 Wisconsin Germany Germany Farmer
Alma Wittlinger Wife 1869 30 Germany Germany Germany  
Lena Wittlinger daughter 1891 9 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
Clara Wittlinger daughter 1892 7 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
George Wittlinger Son 1894 6 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
Esther Wittlinger daughter 1895 5 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
Carla Wittlinger daughter 1897 3 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
? J. Wittlinger Son 1899 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany  
Gust T. Thomas (?) Head 1864 34 Wisconsin Ohio England Farm laborer
? Thomas (?) Wife 1869 20 Minnesota New York Norway  
? Son 1888 11 Wisconsin Wisconsin Minnesota  
? Son 1890 10 Wisconsin Wisconsin Minnesota  
? Daughter 1894 5 Wisconsin Wisconsin Minnesota  
? Son 1898 4 Wisconsin Wisconsin Minnesota  
? Son 1899 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Minnesota Farmer
Chester H. Burgess Head 1828 71 New York   New Jersey  





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